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  • The FEB establishes the "AML/CFT Knowledge Base" platform for reference, including domestic and international AML/CFT related regulations, sanction lists announced by the competent authorities of Chinese Taipei, US FFIEC AML/CFT Examination Manual, major AML/CFT findings and AML/CFT Examination Manuals from the FEB.

    ※More details in the “Examination information-AML/CFT” section on the FEB’s Chinese website.

  • The FEB establishes the "financial examination classroom" which is an e-learning platform and has a variety of financial digital courses including AML/CFT materials. The class content is designed with reference to the financial examination focus, the major deficiencies discovered in the course of financial examinations, and examination cases sharing. It can help the public understand more information of financial supervision and gain a better understanding of the technical aspects of financial examinations.

    ※More details in the“Examination information-AML/CFT” section on the FEB’s Chinese website.

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