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Chang, Tzy-Hao - Director General
Chang, Tzy-Hao
Director General

Educational Background

  • MBA, Asian Institute of Management
  • LL.B., Department of Law, National Cheng-Chi University

Work Experience

  • Deputy Director General, Financial Examination Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission
  • Chief Secretary, Financial Examination Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission
  • Director, Financial Examination Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission
  • Deputy Director, Banking Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission
  • Senior Executive Officer, Banking Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission

Welcome Remarks by Director General

Welcome to the website of the Financial Examination Bureau (FEB), Financial Supervisory Commission.

The FEB is responsible for examining banking, security, and insurance institutions. In response to rapid changes in economic and financial conditions, financial institutions need to establish appropriate mechanisms for detecting operating risks, and to implement the well-established three lines of defense for internal control. The FEB will review the function and operation of financial institutions’ three lines of defense through on-site examinations. The FEB has implemented the risk-focused financial examination system, a differential examination mechanism, and the Domestic Banks Examination Rating System. In order to promote sound corporate governance through self-discipline, we actively encourage financial institutions to adopt the risk-based audit approach to enhance the internal audit’s capability in identifying risks and to strengthen their function.

From this website, you may realize the objectives, structure, procedures, focuses and results of our financial examinations, call reports submitted by financial institutions, and financial examination regulations. In order to encourage financial institutions to be more self-disciplined, the FEB will keep on enriching the contents of the “Financial Examination Classroom” to provide related e-learning courses for junior internal auditors, and to strengthen and support the internal audit function of financial institutions.

In response to the needs of financial innovation, the FEB will continue to enhance the examination expertises, especially for new products and technologies, to strengthen the application of financial regulation technology (Reg-Tech), and to maintain the financial order and stability of financial institutions. We hope this website is helpful to your understanding of our work. Your support and encouragement will be appreciated.

Chang Tzy-Hao
Director General

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