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Director General, Financial Examination Bureau - Li-Chuan Wang
Li-Chuan Wang, Director General

Educational Background

  • MBA, College of Business, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, U.S.A.
  • BBA, Department of Business, National Taiwan University

Work Experience

  • Director General, Banking Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission
  • Director General, Financial Examination Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission
  • Deputy Director General, Financial Examination Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission
  • Chief Secretary, Financial Examination Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission
  • Director, Securities and Futures Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission


Welcome Remarks by Director General

Welcome to the website of Financial Examination Bureau (FEB), Financial Supervision Commission.

Our Bureau is responsible for examinations of banking, securities and insurance industries. In order to promote the effectiveness of examinations, we have been enhancing the identification and evaluation of business risks of financial institutions, focusing on the examination of risks, and implementing in-depth examinations. In response to vibrant changes in domestic and global financial conditions, we have implemented the risk-based financial examination system, the differential examination mechanism and the examination rating system for domestic banks. In order to promote sound corporate governance through self-discipline, we actively encourage the financial institutions to adopt risk-based audit system to enhance the ability in risk identification and to strengthen the function of internal audit.

This website discloses the objective and system of financial examinations, organizational structure, as well as the implementation and focuses of financial examinations.

Financial examination work is a persistent and heavy duty. We have been expanding our professional knowledge especially in new products and technologies and maintaining financial order and stability of financial industries. Hope the website is helpful to your understanding to us. Your support and encouragement will be appreciated.

Li-Chuan Wang
Director General

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