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Financial Examination Manuals

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※Important Statement

A. These financial examination manuals are for reference only. The manuals should not be regarded as legal reference. Users may adjust them according to different practical situations.
B. For the regulations listed in the "Laws and Regulations" section of these examination manuals, please refer to the "Laws and Regulations" section on website.
C. The FEB has compiled financial examination manuals for thirteen industries. Except that specialized credit card business institutions and insurance agent companies and insurance broker companies examination manuals are revised annually, the remaining industries such as financial holding companies examination manuals are revised semiannually since 2020. These manuals are divided into two categories: "Complete version" and "Revised version". "Complete version" shows the full contents of financial examination manuals for the semiannually (or annually). "Revised version" shows updated information semiannually (or annually). Please refer to the "Financial Examination Manuals" section on the FEB’s Chinese website.
D. The FEB has compiled AML/CFT compliance examination manuals for insurance companies, banking sector and securities firms. Please refer to the "AML/CFT Compliance Examination Manual" section in the "AML/CFT" under the Examination Info.
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