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Update on handling of structured note disputes

In order to deal effectively with disputes over structured notes and safeguard the interests of investors, the FSC has called on banks to help customers stand up for their rights, to provide advice and receive customer complaints, and to set up a structured notes dispute resolution mechanism. Measures taken to date include the following: (1) The FSC has identified nine categories of disputes involving Lehman Brothers structured notes, and adopted a set of principles for handling them. Banks are concluding about 400 or more settlements per week, and the pace of dispute settlements is accelerating. (2) The FSC has carried out special examinations on banks that are involved in an especially large number of disputes or have sold an especially large quantity of structured notes. Where an examination has revealed many unresolved problems, or where there are a large number of structured note disputes that fall among the nine aforementioned categories yet the bank has resolved an unreasonably low percentage of them, then the FSC will not approve any applications that the bank makes in connection with its other business operations. (3) The FSC has established a special taskforce with specialists who inspect to see whether banks have mishandled applications for dispute resolution. Where deficiencies are discovered they send out letters asking the bank and customer to reach a settlement, and where a settlement is still not reached they provide information on the process to the ROC Bankers Association''s Committee on Banking Consumer Disputes Resolution for its reference. The Committee has done a lot of work in preparation for dispute resolution, and going forward is expected to be quite productive.

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